Boost your mental health this month

Mental health begins with me

The 10th of October is World Mental Health Day, it is a day dedicated to providing awareness and reducing the social stigma around mental health.

One in five Australians experience poor mental health each year! Partially due to our busy lifestyles it is not uncommon to experience stress, anxiety and depression.

There are many mental health benefits of exercise including improving mood, work behaviour, building confidence, and providing a positive social support network. As a result, physical activity plays a great role in reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

Studies show that people who exercise 2-3 times a week demonstrate lower levels of depression, anger and stress compared to those who don’t exercise as frequently. Research also suggests that as little as 1 hour a week helped shield people against depressive episodes.

Tips to boost your mental health this month:

  • Choose an activity you enjoy!

Changing the daily routine can be difficult, however finding an activity you enjoy will help you stick to exercising regularly.

  • Include aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise helps to reduce levels of the body’s natural stress hormone such as adrenaline and cortisol

  • Invite friends

Exercising with friends helps to provide motivation, encouragement and some friendly competition. You will also help to improve their physical and mental health.

  • Exercise outdoors

Make the most of the warmer months and exercise outside. Research has associated outdoor exercise with increased energy and revitalization as compared with exercising indoors. It will also help to decrease levels of anger, depression, tension and anxiety.

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