Exercise Oncology: Exercise may half the risk of death in cancer patients

Exercise for cancer patients

Australian researchers have recently produced compelling data to show that exercise during cancer treatment can half the risk of death from the disease.

A review of 100 studies involving tens of thousands of patients, found that the risk of death from cancer in exercisers dropped 22-44% whilst re occurrence of the cancer also dropped 34%. Exercising patients also reported significantly less side effects of chemotherapy in breast, prostate and bowel cancer.

Professor Prue Cormie from ACU who headed the study in the American Journal of Epidemiology, hypothesised how exercise works in cancer patients; "While we don't yet know exactly what drives this (improvement in patients), we do know that exercise improves the structure and function of most bodily functions simultaneously. There are a range of potential factors that could influence this effect, one of those elements could be that exercise allows patients to physically tolerate greater doses of cancer treatments. It may normalise the cancer tumour micro environment to potentially increase the transport of cancer treatment to those cells and allow the treatments to be more effective."

At Beyond we are seeing more and more patients undergoing cancer treatment and completing an exercise program at the same time with many self reported benefits from patients such as improved strength and energy post their training sessions.

For more information on the study or to find our more about Beyond's cancer exercise programs for yourself or someone you know, please contact Luke Dorizas or check out our group classes page here.

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