Exercising when angry - another sign that the mental and physical are linked

Image Credit: Cleveland Clinic

Most people have at one time or another, used a tough session, whether it be running, boxing or weights to relieve some pent up rage. It feels good to pour that built up energy into a positive escape. But a recent study has shown intense exercise following a recent episode of anger, tripled the chance of an AMI (Acute Myocardial Infarction/Heart Attack).

This study looked at 12,461 patients from 52 countries that had completed a questionnaire about the kind of “triggers” they experienced in the hour before they had a heart attack. The results showed that 13% had engaged in physical activity (which can double the risk alone) while 14% were angry or emotionally upset.

But don’t take the wrong message here. While exercise alone can increase your risk, there are many other factors that contribute. It is far more advantageous to exercise (especially under the right conditions and with an Exercise Physiologist) than to not exercise at all.

The most important message is that “health” is not your ability to exercise at high intensities or any other single factor like body fat percentage. Your health is all encompassing and includes your mental state and how interactions with people and your environment affect it.

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