Winter mornings? Beat the zzzzz......

Our fantastic nutrition contributor Susie Burrell often speaks of the importance of being aware and avoiding the winter weight gain. This occurs for two reasons: More Food = Increased Energy Consumption We often choose heavier “comfort” foods over these colder periods. Keep your eyes on Susie’s blog and Facebook page for some great tips to this winter. Less Activity = Decreased Energy Output It’s darker, it’s cold, it’s much easier to stay inside and move less over the next 12 weeks. Many of us exercise before work or in the morning on the weekend.

Here’s some tips to get up and going on cold mornings. Get Moving Stretch a bit in bed before you hop up to push some fresh blood through the arms and legs and joints. Try · Stretch out into a star jump position with legs and arms extended hold for five seconds and repeat three times. · Bend knees and roll them side to side ten times · Sit up on the edge of the bed and twist to each side for 5 seconds Avoid bending forward in the first 30 minutes of rising, the spine is not well lubricated upon getting up and needs this time to get fluid into the vertebrae. Light and Water Open the shades and let the light in or ensure a bright light comes on soon after waking. Splash some cold water straight from the tap onto your face to promote blood flow. This will kick start your body’s internal clock to allow your natural rhythms to start their up cycle for the day. Dress appropriately Dress in layers with some good quality gear as a base layer- not just a cotton t-shirt! There is some great quality training gear now available at most sports or outdoor stores. Get some good socks! Wear some gloves and a hat. You can take them off as you warm up but they will make it much more pleasant as you initially step outside. Remember: A small increase of a quarter of a kilogram may not seem like much over a week but over 16 weeks this is a four kilogram increase!

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