Metabolic Management

with Luke Dorizas (Monday and Thursday)

B. Sci (Health and Exercise), AEP ESSAM, Accredited Exercise Physiologist 


with Kyle Cox (Tuesday and Friday)

B. App Sci (Sp and Ex Sci), Dip. Fitness, AEP ESSAM, Exercise Prescription for

Chronic and Complex Conditions

Our metabolism plays a big role in determining our risk of various health conditions.  The right type of exercises, when performed at the right intensity enhances the body’s ability to perform it’s many functions, including its metabolic processes.  In fact, correctly-prescribed exercise not only contributes to preventing certain metabolic health conditions, but can also be effective in treating/managing them.  Such conditions include:

- Type I and Type II Diabetes

- Impaired glucose tolerance

- Metabolic Syndrome (ie. elevated blood glucose, high cholesterol etc)

- Obesity/Overweight

- Android obesity (excessive abdominal body fat)

- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)


Our Metabolic Management class is individually tailored to each person’s assessed level of health and fitness.  The program design usually includes a variety of exercise with emphasis on both cardio and resistance-based training. Resources and support are also offered to assist in maintaining adequate levels of activity at independently

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