Client of the Month - June 2016

Victoria Tester's Success Story



Training at Beyond:

6 years and 9 months



Roger Jones, Exercise Specialist                                  



  • pain free

  • better health/immune function

  • to complete a sprint triathlon


  • healthy habits

  • consistent training

  • on the way to completing that triathlon!

Comment from Trainer – Roger Jones: 

“Victoria has been training with me from the beginning here at Beyond, and has always been working hard at getting on top of her health and fitness. Sometimes too hard! But as she has become older and wiser, she has learnt to listen to her body more; when to train hard, and when to take it easy. Victoria has battled with rheumatoid flare-ups, niggling injuries, terrible sleep, and a suppressed immune system. These things have all contributed to a frustrating relationship with exercise. BUT! With persistence, and a holistic, and targeted approach - Vicki is now feeling better, sleeping better, training better, and seeing the results that she has been trying to find for a number of years. STICK AT IT TRICKY!”