Veronique Price


Trained by: Brendan


How long been training at Beyond:  5 years


Session details: 

* Strength and stability for running, whilst remaining pain/injury-free!

* Core/pelvic stability and thoracic mobility to aid in back pain management.

* Exercises designed to maintain tolerance to regular ballet classes.



  • Complete Sydney Half Marathon in September.

  • Reduce incidence of lower back pain.

  • Achieve optimal weekly exercise levels.



  • Completed Sydney Half Marathon in a personal best time!

  • Improved strength and fitness through maintaining independent exercise levels.

  • Managing pain symptoms well.


Comment from Veronique: 

It’s a great feeling to complete this year’s half marathon, given I have had a few false starts and never made it to the start line. The injuries and niggles seemed never ending. At times it was extremely frustrating but fortunately, Brendan was instrumental in devising exercise programs that helped in my rehabilitation and strengthening. He was always there to support and just knew how to put me back on track when things seemed to be all falling apart. So thank you Brendan for enabling me to continue to enjoy my ballet and run.


Comment from Brendan:                       

Veronique is one of the most diligent clients I have ever come across, and is a perfect example of what having a goal and sticking to a plan to achieve it can deliver.  In the last couple of years, Veronique has unfortunately had a couple of setbacks in her quest to complete her third half marathon (21kms).  She suffered a knee injury just before last years race, and so had to pull out, and has had to cope with an old ankle/foot injury as well.  We set out to work on getting the right balance of all her weekly activities including home exercises, ballet, running sessions and Pilates, and she has really stuck to her guns.  This time around, she not only completed the half marathon, but finished it in her best time yet!  A fantastic achievement Veronique, well done!



Client of the Month - October 2016