Client of the Month - October 2017

Tom & Dani Skotidas

Trained by: Luke Dorizas


​​Comment from Luke:             

Tom and Dani came to me in 2016 to get back in shape again through a specific resistance program. During the year we had some big news – a wedding! The news that Tom and Dani would be getting married in 2017 spurred them on to an amazing level of commitment to their training and intensity. Every session without fail they would give 110% without complaining. Putting in some hard work, but also training and eating smartly allowed them both to get into amazing shape for the big day – as most of you would have seen by the wedding photos!

Its been a pleasure training Tom and Dani and getting to know them personally – I really respect their level of commitment and hard work which is why they deserve this recognition. Not only from their body composition improvements you can see now but their amazing level of strength which has improved out of sight. Not to mention the banter and fun they always bring to the studio! I look forward to working further with them to ensure they stay at the top of their strength and fitness levels