Richard Kirby

Trained by: Kyle


How long been training at Beyond:  15 months

From wheelchair to climbing stairs in 15 months!!!....

Richard's success story is a real inspiration and shows what happens when pure grit, determination, hard work and mental strength merges with smart programming and guidance from an experienced Exercise Physiologist.

Comment from Richard: 

"After seeing the progress a friend of mine made with their balance and overall well-being during their recovery from a brain tumour he told me that it was all due to his Exercise Physiologist. I was looking for someone who could provide exercise but also targeted activities to build my core strength and overall mobility for the next stage of my recovery from a spinal injury. Luckily I found Kyle and everyone has remarked on my progress over the past 15 months. I have gone from arriving in a wheelchair and using the lift to get to the first floor gym to walking up the stairs without holding the handrail and leaving in the same manner.

I am on track to achieve my next goal to paddle a surfboard again in the New Year. Kyle's targeted exercises have helped me rebuild my body to where I now am hardly reliant on any assistance to do things like getting dressed. My wife, Kay, is so impressed with what Kyle has achieved that she has engaged Kyle to assist with her exercise goals..”

Comment from Kyle:                       

“After speaking with a friend about the difference an Exercise Physiologist could have on chronic and complex conditions, Richard decided to contact Beyond to assist with his recovery from an Incomplete Spinal Fracture, whilst also managing his Type 1 Diabetes and a Hip Replacement. 


Richard had been working very hard up until this point, but it was time for a change in direction. Initially we took a cautious approach in regards to exercises and expectations. This turned out to be short-lived as Richard exceeded every task set for him. With the rate of improvement Richard continues to have, I still don't think we could limit him to any long term expectations. 


Whilst certainly working smarter now, Richard hasn't ceased giving enormous efforts to exercise and healthy habits both in and out of the gym. We've seen him move away from a reliance on his wheelchair, to being able to get off the ground unassisted and achieving 25 second planks.


Richard's recovery story is certainly phenomenal but once you get to know him, you understand that for someone with the strength of character and determination that he has, it's just the norm for him.


Congratulations again Richard!



Client of the Month - November 2016