Piers Van Hamburg's Success Story


Piers is the Director of McGrath Real Estate for Neutral Bay/Mosman/

Northbridge/Chatswood and is a long-time friend and supporter of Beyond.


Piers has been training at Beyond with Dave for 8 years now. His main goals

are strength, fitness and weight management.



David Costello, Exercise Specialist                                  

Comment from Piers:

"Owning & operating 4 real estate offices and having a young family takes enormous energy & I need to be at my best.

Training with Dave keeps me healthy, in shape & assists me to have a positive mindset. Thankyou Dave for your support and guidance in keeping me healthy & fit.”

Comment from Trainer – David Costello: 

“Amazingly, Piers has been training with me for almost a decade now. During this time Piers has been successfully running his real estate business as well as raising his young family. While this is often the reason many people cease to prioritize their health, Piersy has always maintained a regular routine and has done his best to maintain his health status in a consistent but realistic manner. Over the past 6 months Piers decided to take on a second strength session each week and the results have been pleasing. Piers is stronger and leaner than ever with people even commenting on a change in muscle tone and appearance. Piersy is always jovial and willing to have a laugh with others which makes him great to have around the gym (it also helps to extend his rest periods). Congrats Piersy, a much loved member of the Beyond community”



Client of the Month - July 2016