Client of the Month - October 2013

Phil Naylor's Success Story


Training at Beyond: 1 Year


Trainer:  Luke Dorizas  


Session Details: PT weekly session. Mobilityand strengthening exercises running specific


Return to running again without knee discomfort

Improved health through weight loss and improved strength


Return to running with no discomfort, regular 10km runs

Waist reduction of 9cm and weight loss of 5kg


What Phil says:

“I came to Beyond Exercise and Luke because, although I had been a champion middle distance athlete in my youth and played Rugby till my mid- thirties and ran a sub 3 hour marathon in my late -thirties, I found that I was getting overweight, unfit and couldn’t run because of continual knee soreness.

I have found the training hard (but what decent training isn’t) and was shocked how bad I was, especially my balance!  But I can now see the benefits – the most noticeable for me is I can now run again, something I thought was out of the question a year ago. Proof of this was my run in the recent Mini-Mos 10k.  Although the time (58mins) was not good compared to what I used to do, the great achievement for me was that I could do it at all (without any real discomfort). Apart from running, my whole body feels tighter as a result of much better core strength, the importance of which I didn’t realise until I saw how poor mine had become.”


Comment from Luke:

“Phil was first referred to myself from his local GP, keen to begin a strength program to get back into running again. We worked out a few areas to target in his strength and mobility in order to be fit enough to maintain a regular routine and improve times. Phil worked very hard from the get go to improve this and not surprisingly is now back to regular running, up to 10km runs a week with no issue, as well as competing regularly in local events. Phil is to be commended on his dedication, hard work and consistency which has brought these rewards, well done!”