Jess Morton

Trained by: Andrew Verdon

How long been training at Beyond: 11 years intermittently

Comment from Jess: 

I got back in contact with Andrew last year after a break in training to address an ongoing injury. Despite two surgeries in as many years and many allied health professionals helping me on the road to recovery, it felt as though progress was unlikely. I was clearly missing a piece of the puzzle! A year on and I’m fitter and healthier than I’ve been in years. This is in no small part due to the tireless work Andrew has put in, putting together a brilliant programme and helping to instill a real sense of hope in the recovery process no matter the obstacles. I would like to take this opportunity to say what a huge honour it has been working with Andrew over these years and thank him for all that we have achieved together.

Comment from Andrew:             

Jess started training with me when she was 16 as a high level school girl rower. Jess had some great results over our two years together for her school before moving on to university. Jess returned to training two years ago in a very different position. She has faced some major medical issues and the accompanying intensive surgical procedures. These have not been as successful as hoped and subsequently Jess lives with quite an amount of discomfort and pain at times each day.


Despite this situation and adversity, Jess is the beacon of optimism and enthusiasm to improve her condition. I cannot speak highly enough of her diligence, attitude, and perseverance.      


I am proud to have Jess as a client and even happier to call her my friend. Every day I see Jess for training makes me finish that day feeling grateful to have spent time with her and been able to make another small step in her process.    



Client of the Month - August 2017