Jennifer Zanich's Success Story



Jennifer is a busy and successful businesswoman that spends a large amount of time overseas, however, she has been training under the guidance of Andrew

for a decade now and remains committed to her exercise program.



Andrew Verdon

Owner/Director Beyond Exercise Studio & Exercise Specialist                                  

Comment from Trainer – Andrew Verdon: 

“Jen has been training with me in her domestic blocks since 2006. Jen does extended periods overseas with her work in the USA and UK. 


Jen is an absolute pleasure to work with. If I could clone her and have every client as positive, enthusiastic, warm hearted and with such a vibrant personality - I would look into it!

Jen is super committed to her exercise and is totally on board with the program. The stress and strains of her travel schedule would break most people but Jen never uses this as an excuse or lets it impact her training. Likewise Jen faces setbacks, at times quite major, and simply acknowledges them and we work together to improve her situation and return her to back to normal as quickly as we can - in the last few years we have had to work around a frozen shoulder, major concussion, dislocation, sprains and strains - and despite all these factors Jen is rapidly progressing towards her goals. 


We have seen superb results in her weight loss, girth measures, strength, stability and pain reduction. I truly enjoy being part of Jens “support team” and smile every time I open my diary to see her booked in”



Client of the Month - September 2016