Client of the Month - February 2016

Graeme Ewer's Success Story


Training at Beyond:

3 years



Brendan Cummins                                   


Session Details: 

  • Currently working on exercises for total knee replacement rehabilitation.

  • Core stability and targeted flexibility.

  • Resistance training to aid in Type II Diabetes management.




  • Achieve optimal function following total knee replacement.

  • Reduce incidence of lower back pain.

  • Manage blood glucose levels.



  • Ongoing improvements in knee range of motion and function.

  • Able to return and maintain various activities (eg. gardening) that previously resulted in back pain.

  • Blood sugar levels have been under better control over the past 2 years, sustained within healthy ranges.


Comment from Graeme:

“I consider myself most fortunate to be in the care of Brendan Cummins at Beyond Exercise Studio. It’s reassuring to have an expert and sympathetic counsellor as a reference point in addressing the physical problems that come with growing older. I intend to continue to work hard while enjoying the positive and supportive environment I have found at Beyond.”


Comment from Brendan:

“Graeme was referred by his GP a few years ago due to recurrences of lower back pain. At the time, he described how he was finding it difficult to go through repeated periods of quite debilitating discomfort, which meant he would have to rest and recuperate over days and weeks before trying to return to his usual activities, only for the same thing to happen again. In commencing his program, Graeme has been able to strengthen his core and improve mobility, as well as improve his movement mechanics to reduce incidence and severity of his back pain. This has been a result of him being very diligent with his exercises at home (on a daily basis!), as well as his commitment to our weekly sessions. More recently, he underwent a total knee replacement, and while this has caused him considerable discomfort, he has returned to our sessions with more determination than ever to continue his program and work on getting his knee function to as good as it can get (and he is making great progress). He always comes into the studio with a smile on his face and ready for the session to come, which is really uplifting. Graeme is a pleasure to work with and a true example of what regular commitment can achieve!”