Client of the Month - April 2016

David Andrews' Success Story


Training at Beyond:

Since January 2015




Luke Dorizas, AEP                                  



Session Details: 

  • Weekly group classes - strength training




  • Increased muscle mass and strength

  • Overcoming prostate cancer and improving energy through an active healthy lifestyle


Comment from David:

"Beyond Expectations!


Luke Dorizas is a mild, upright, young sporting physiologist – so as his senior by some forty years I was surprised when he asserted that I needed exercise of an anaerobic variety not withstanding that I run the beach and swim daily at my Balmoral watering hole – ‘your exercising is only aerobic!’ he commented. Well it came to pass, and post a major bit of prostate surgery I recruited Luke into my recovery team. He in turn tailored a weekly routine to rebuild my damaged body over time – with muscles that rightly belong to a teenager, not a soon-to-be octogenarian.


Beyond Belief!"


Comment from Luke:

“When I first met David he was about to go through a major prostate operation and was wary of how his health would be post the surgery. After some discussion I informed David on the importance of regular strength training (to regain muscle mass) post a surgery like his, which he was keen to commence. Post the surgery, Davids weight was down 5kg and his strength was significantly reduced. Starting gradually, we commenced 1 to 2 sessions a week of strength exercise aimed specifically at increasing his muscle mass. Fast forward to today and David is back at his healthy bodyweight, plus stronger than pre surgery! David is to be commended on his positive attitude always, even through some very tough periods and his commitment to consistently training which has given him his results today. Always a pleasure to train and I look forward to continuing to improve Davids strength!”