Andrew Johnston

Trained by: Brendan Cummins AEP

How long been training at Beyond: 3 years intermittently

Session details: 

  • Reduce the impact of Charcot Marie Tooth syndrome on quality of life.

  • Focus on functional strength to help maintain tolerances to activities of daily living.

  • Weight loss to improve cardiometabolic health and functional capacity.


  • Be able to climb stairs on a regular basis without limit.

  • Achieve body weight of 85kg.

  • Achieve at least 3 bouts of exercise per week.

  • Improve balance and reduce falls risk


  • Weight loss of 21kg (weight = 78kg), target weight achieved and now in maintenance!

  • Able to manage activities of daily living, including climbing stairs, with significantly less limitation.

  • Regularly achieving at least 3 bouts of exercise each week, increased “active minutes” as per activity tracker.

Comment from Andrew: 

Brendan has been amazing throughout this journey and I couldn’t have done it without him. He just keeps challenging me and helping me to get stronger and reach goals that I thought were impossible! Once I got the diet right, the weight just fell off – for anyone who has struggled with weight, have a look at the free App MyfitnessPal. Apart from following Hawthorn, Brendan is awesome!


Go the Swannies!

Comment from Brendan:                       

I’ve been seeing Andrew on and off over the past 3 years, and the goal initially was to help him improve his walking capacity following surgery to transfer tendons in each foot.  We did achieve this, and Andrew then went about maintaining his activities of daily living, although struggled to establish an exercise routine on a consistent basis, and his weight gradually drifted upwards.  Midway through last year, he made a commitment to start fitting in more exercise sessions, as well as improve his diet, and this resulted in some significant benefits, which were almost immediate – he lost 5kg within 2 months, and more importantly started to feel a big change in ability to perform all activities of daily living with more ease.  With ongoing maintenance of the changes he made to his lifestyle, he has since lost a further 16kg and is finding tasks that were once quite challenging a lot easier to manage.  Andrew is a real inspiration and has shown a lot of determination to address a few things he knew he had to work on to improve his quality of life, and I’m thrilled it’s paying off.  He now just needs to work on his footy tipping (and not be so loyal to the Swans!) – although he is making up ground fast!



Client of the Month - June 2017