Adam Alexander

Trained by: Kyle Cox



  • Reversed Glucose Intolerance

  • Major Lifestyle Changes (Including quitting coffee)

  • Improved Aerobic Capacity and Strength

  • Lost almost 20kgs

Comment from Kyle:             

Adam represents a growing majority of people who are unhappy with their health and despite making numerous efforts to change previously. Where he stands apart from the majority is the lengths he has gone to (seemingly effortlessly) to ensure the numbers are in his favour every single week. There wasn’t one bit of advice that he didn’t take on board and try to utilise.

Approaching the big 4-0 and having had one of the “serious” chats with his GP, Adam got in touch and we came up with a plan to have one strategic session and 3 workouts per week. During those sessions, my most challenge task is to convince Adam to slow down and recover between exercises.


Despite coming up against a few musculoskeletal barriers, he gives every session his all and deserves all the rewards that come his way.



Client of the Month - September 2017