Client of the Month - August 13

Robert Habeeb's Success Story


Training at Beyond:

4 months



Brendan Cummins


Session Details:       

Progressive resistance training, cardio and flexibility



  • Weight loss.

  • Improve fitness.

  • Improve blood pressure.

  • Management of cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors.



  • Has lost 12kg since commencing the program.

  • Waist circumference has reduced by 7cm.

  • Blood pressure now almost within a healthy range.

  • Walking daily, as well as performing a home program 3-4 times per week.

  • Feeling great!


Comment from Bob:

“I look forward to coming to training and the exercise program with Brendan.  It’s a very welcoming atmosphere and all the staff and other clients make you feel comfortable.  I have a lot more self-confidence since starting my program and am a lot more motivated.  Thank you for your help!.”


Comment from Brendan:

“Bob is a great candidate for Client of the Month.  He has been very conscientious in establishing and maintaining his exercise program over the past 4 months and he has modified his lifestyle to allow his routine to fit some form of exercise in on a daily basis.  In addition, he has changed his eating habits a little (but not too much), and has reduced alcohol intake significantly.  Bob is a very keen client (he’s always early to his sessions!) and determined to achieve his goals.  I’m sure he will with the foundation he has built so far.  Well done Bob!”