Client of the Month - October 2012

Michael Harris’ Success Story


Training at Beyond:

Since 2005



Brendan Cummins


Session Details:

General health and fitness, although more recently more strength and stability focus



  • Maintain healthy cardiovascular and metabolic markers (eg. cholesterol, blood pressure).

  • Increase aerobic fitness.

  • Improve posture.

  • Increase upper body strength.

  • Improve lower body movement mechanics and strength.

  • Increase stamina



  • Improved cholesterol profile.

  • Gradual increases in strength.

  • Maintenance of healthy weight.

  • Reduced pain symptoms.


Comment from Michael:

“I have worked with a number of trainers at Beyond over the past 7 years. The focus that they create for me has enabled me to develop better health & fitness, both of which have had tremendous benefits. Brendan has worked hard to help me with my recent shoulder issues & his approach and professionalism have been invaluable. More recently his collaboration with Luke has provided the flexibility I need to maintain this healthy lifestyle within a hectic travel/work schedule. I can’t speak highly enough of their dedication & expertise”


Comment from Brendan:

“Michael has been a long time member of Beyond Studio and his dedication to training has always been great.  A major challenge for him is to fit his sessions in around a hectic work schedule, which can quite often mean travelling interstate.  Recently, Michael suffered an injury to his shoulder, which impacted on his weekly tennis sessions, as well as limiting his functional abilities, not to mention the pain he was in.  After feeling a bit low and frustrated about it, Michael set himself to really get on top of the issue.  Although he wasn’t keen, he realised that taking some time off certain activities would really help the rehabilitation process and so he was willing to give up tennis and yoga for a few weeks, and made an effort to fit 2 sessions a week in at the studio as well as following a prescribed home program for shoulder stability and strength.  With such good focus, his shoulder has improved quite dramatically in the last 4-5 weeks and he has returned to tennis without being hindered by it at all.  There is still some work to do before his symptoms are completely gone, but due to his commitment, he is well on track!  Well done Michael!”