Lachie Dodd's Success Story


Training at Beyond:

4 years



Dave Costello                                           


Session Details: 

Currently 2-3 times per week



  • Increased weight/muscle mass x 8kgs.

  • Increased strength (doubled his bench press )

  • Reduced injuries.


Comment from Lachie:

"Cheers Dave for nominating me as Client of the Month! I have been training with Dave for about 5 years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. I first came to Dave looking to improve my basketball skills with the occasional strength session. I improved my skills dramatically in this short time I had Dave coaching me for basketball and laid a good base for my strength work. More recently we have focused on pure strength work which has been a very satisfying and productive period. Through his knowledge and dedication to learning more about fitness, Dave has helped instil a strong work ethic and improved eating habits. In particular these past two months have been a very rewarding time and I look forward to continue progressing. Thanks to Dave for, not only being an awesome trainer, but also a great mate!"


Comment from Dave:

“When Lachie arrived at Beyond 4 years ago, he was a young kid who played plenty of sport and excelled at it, but lacked a bit of confidence. As he was only fairly young, for the first year or two we focussed on building the foundations, improving movement and technique and eliminating some imbalances. Fast forward to 2015 and Lachie is now confident, happy and doing some amazing things. He has had a noticeable increase in muscle mass and huge strength grains, these are both transferring to his basketball and soccer. Due to his diligence and enthusiasm Lachie has rid himself of his shoulder problems that were hampering his progress. He also follows the essential eating protocols required for an energetic young bloke who is trying to gain a bit of mass. I couldn't be prouder of everything Lachie has achieved over the years and the young man he has become. I look forward to seeing him progress even further going into the future.”





Client of the Month - August 2015