Client of the Month - December 2012

Kirsten Mckenzie's Success Story


Training at Beyond: 

3 years (with recent 6 month break for travels)



Dave Costello


Session Details:

  • 2 PT sessions per week

  • Supplemented with running and swimming sessions



  • Weight loss

  • Improve fitness level



  • 4kgs weight loss in 4 months

  • Now participating in weekly biathlons

  • Substantially increased overall health and fitness


Comment from Kirsten:

“ Thanks so much to Dave for helping me get rid of the after effects of six months of Italian pasta, Russian vodka  and South African koeksisters (deep fried pastries in syrup). Since training with you I not only look, but also feel better and I've been free of sports injuries too. Will be doing more chin ups soon!"


Comment from Dave:

“Kirsten has trained with me for several years now and has always been an enthusiastic and diligent client (with the exercise part anyway). Upon her return from 6 months galavanting around the globe ("working") Kirsten had lost a fair bit of her fitness and had also added a few kilos to her frame and decided that she was going to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Since re-commencing her training Kirsten has gone about achieving her weight loss and fitness goals with great vigour.  Outside of  her two PT sessions Kirsten runs 3 times a week and has also taken up swimming a couple of times a week. On top of this she is also participating in a weekly Biathlon and can now be recognised by her triathlon 'ink' each Friday morning.

Kirsten has lost 4 kilos since returning and is probably the fittest and healthiest that she has been since i've had the pleasure of knowing her. Congratulations Kirsten, I look forward to helping you achieve more of your goals and putting you through many more hours of torture in the future."”