Client of the Month - April 13

Jean-Paul’s Success Story


Training at Beyond:

1 year 



Luke Dorizas  


Session Details:

PT weekly session. Mobility and stretching exercises for posture. Core strengthening and resistance training for increased muscle mass and body weight strength.



  • Improved management of lower back pain and posture

  • Increased total body strength for mountain bike riding

  • Increased muscle mass and toning



  • Reduction of back pain symptoms to almost nil

  • Waist reduction of 8cm and increased overall muscle mass

  • Strength has progressed to body weight chin ups with weights attached


Comment from Jean-Paul:

“There is no doubt a coach from Beyond Studio can bring you much value for guiding you with a fitness program, even if you think you are a sportive person. I came to Beyond with a recently diagnosed heart condition and lots of fear about my health. One year after, even if the disease remains, I found back my self-confidence and I’m effectively stronger than I was. I‘m back to the weight I had when I was twice as young and I surprise myself doing chin-ups with large weights around the waist.

On the top of that, Luke’s program helps me a lot to release the excess of stress that comes from my work and it certainly reduces the occurrence of lower back pain.

With Luke, my feedback is: Go for it, it’s excellent! (Vas-y, c’est très bien !) ”


Comment from Luke:

“Jean Paul is one of the fittest clients I have trained before and is a good example of how with effective strength training, you can still maintain an athletic body and muscle mass as you age. The nature of Jean Pauls work means he is sitting most of the day, which in the past has affected his posture leading to lower back pain and thoracic tension. He has found however with more regular postural exercises and mobility here at Beyond, he has reduced his lower back symptom to almost nil, whilst progressing to further improve his core strength and performance when mountain bike riding. In every session, Jean Paul will try to push that bit harder, evident in his amazing strength and fitness, well done!”