Ilsa Truran's Success Story


Training at Beyond: 5 years



Dave Costello                       


Session Details: 




  • Stay as mobile as possible!

  • Maintain strength





What Ilsa says:

"I've been training with Dave for about. 7 years, first at another gym and then when he left I followed him to Beyond. During that time he has managed to keep me focused, enthusiastic and motivated, so much so that I have managed to lose 10 kgs. I thank him very much for his encouragement following my cancer surgery earlier this year. "


Comment from Dave:

Ilsa Truran is one of a kind. Rain, hail or shine she quietly makes her way in and out of the Beyond studio each and every week for her 30 minute strength session and makes no fuss about it. At the very respectable age of 7* , Ilsa still manages to lift, lunge, squat, step, bend, rotate, push and pull at a level that most people half her age would be pleased with. Initially, the goal was weight loss but since losing the weight the objective has been to stay as mobile as possible and to stay focussed on the strength work.  Unfortunately, Ilsa recently had a very serious health scare, however, within a matter of months she had recovered and was back into full training again.  I believe it is not only the fitness, strength and vitality she possesses that got her through this tough period, but the pride, tenacity and determination she has to look after herself and be the best she can be for herself and her family. 







Client of the Month - September 2014