Ian Edwards's Success Story


Training at Beyond:

With Luke since 2013



Luke Dorizas                                                  


Session Details: 

Weekly Sessions – Strength and Mobility 



  • Lost 6kgs, waist reduction of 13.5cms

  • Improved tennis fitness – now plays twice a week competitive

  • Complete lifestyle change into daily exercise and healthy diet!


Comment from Ian:

“Thanks for nominating me to be client of the month! When I first came to see Luke I had just returned to playing tennis after a break of 10 years, my health and fitness was poor. With Luke’s guidance and motivation, I have lost weight, improved my strength, reflexes and cardio, together with tailored exercises that have helped my tennis. I’m very happy with how I am going, my health, fitness and mind are the best they have ever been. I’m enjoying learning more about the importance of health and fitness which is having such a positive influence on my life (and tennis!). Every day I feel the benefits. I’m looking forward to continuing my sessions with Luke and to keep on pushing myself to improve. Thanks Luke for your sensational support and also the great support from the friendly team at Beyond."


Comment from Luke:

“Ian first came to me with some clear goals and a really strong motivation to change his lifestyle. From our very first sessions I remember his really positive, ‘no excuses’ attitude, he was prepared to put in that bit extra each week to make a change. From there on the results have spoken for themselves, I have had the privilege of watching him transform over time into a new person who now exercises each day, plays competitive tennis weekly and eats a really healthy, clean diet. A great example of how continuous small changes over time, leads to a big lifestyle change.  Well done Ian on some fantastic results!”





Client of the Month - May 2015