Garry Besson's Success Story


Training at Beyond:

Since early 2012



Roger Jones                                               





Comment from Roger:

“The reason Garry is receiving my client of the month is not because he has broken any records, or lost a bunch of weight, but because he has been consistent. Garry is super consistent with keeping his training on track. It’s often consistency that people are lacking in there training, usually giving the excuse that they are too busy, something came up at work, it’s too hot, it’s too cold, I’m tired - it’s about making exercise a priority. Garry is busy, very busy, but the thing he does best is blocking the time out to make training happen. Treating his training as any other important work meeting. It’s in the diary, locked in, things are placed around it.


So hats off to you Garry, you’re a pleasure to work with, never complain (much) and get the work done. Keep up the good work.”





Client of the Month - November 2014