Client of the Month - March 13

Frank Priovesan’s Success Story


Training at Beyond:

7 months



Brendan Cummins


Session Details:

Progressive resistance training, cardio and flexibility



  • Improve cholesterol profile

  • Reduce fasting blood glucose levels.

  • Weight loss.

  • Reduce cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors.

  • Increase aerobic fitness.



  • Improved cholesterol profile (total cholesterol reduced from 6.2 to 4.5!).

  • Weight loss of 4.2kg

  • Reduced hip circumference by 4.5cm

  • Improved fitness

  • Increased energy levels


Comment from Frank:

“Feel great, calmer and less stressed. Whilst it was challenging to begin with I now look forward to the sessions every week.  Brendan's support and encouragement keeps me on track and I have no doubt it will help me to continue to improve.”


Comment from Brendan:

“Frank was referred by his GP following a comprehensive health check which showed a lot of his cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors were high – he was slightly overweight, had elevated blood glucose and cholesterol, and was quite unfit.  He had been working long hours in the corporate world, and unfortunately his health was taking a back seat.  When we met, Frank was determined to ensure that his health took a greater priority in his life, and I’m pleased that he has been so diligent in maintaining this commitment, particularly given he has since commenced a senior role at a major company.  He commits to two walks/jogs each weekend, and two sessions at the studio each week, and this has proven to be a success.  In addition, he has curtailed his alcohol intake (not easy to do in his type of role at work!), and is eating much healthier.  Frank is a great example of choosing to make health a greater priority and reaping the rewards for it – well done Frank!”