Edwin Zemancheff's Success Story


Training at Beyond:

5 months - once per week



Donna Sizer                                        



To surf like a pro in Sumatra in November!


Session Details: 

- core stability

- lower back mobility and strength

- myofascial release

- trigger point massage

- balance work

- glute and knee strengthening


This is reinforced with a home program of stretching and stability.


Edwin is a very active swimmer, walker and golfer so it is important his program complements his active lifestyle.


Comment from Donna:

“Edwin Zemancheff has been training with me since May this year although I have been training most of Edwin’s friends for over 10 years. Edwin came to see me with a sore back and tight muscles and with surf trip pending we had some work to do. 4 months later, surf trip and numerous golf trips completed Edwin’s range of movement is better, he is more stable and infinitely more flexible.  Edwin brings his exuberant personality and wit to Beyond Studio each week and is a joy to train.”





Client of the Month - October 2015