David John's Success Story


Training at Beyond:

5 months



Kyle Cox  


Session Details:

2 x per week



  • Increase strength and muscle mass

  • Improve overall health and fitness



  • Improved flexibility, movement and strength


Comment from David:

I really enjoy my sessions with Kyle. He has shown me how to properly prepare before engaging in intense exercise and how to listen to your body during these sessions so that you exercise in a safe and technically correct manner. His knowledge of how the body works is impressive and he communicates well what  we are trying to achieve during our sessions. My flexibility, muscle mass and aerobic capacity have improved and I am looking forward to continuing improvement. Thanks Kyle


Comment from Kyle:

Dave has always been a pretty fit guy, especially when it came to running. The challenge for us has been to harness Dave's enormous intensity and focus it on the areas that had fallen behind while trying to maintain his previous fitness in other areas.


Dave's persistence with his corrective exercises away from our sessions has ensured his posture and biomechanics are looking better and better each week.


Dave gives his all to every session and is always open for critique and improvement which makes our sessions enjoyable and very rewarding.


I already give Dave exercises that people half his age would struggle with, but I'm looking forward to seeing even more improvements in the near future and possibly even see him compete in a couple of running events at some point.





Client of the Month - August 2014