Client of the Month - April 2014

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David Clarke's Success Story


Name of Trainer: 

Brendan and Luke


How long been training at Beyond: 

Six months


Session Details: 

Progressive resistance training through the “Man Plan” Program



To reverse/halt the side effects of prostate cancer medication including:

  • Increase/maintain muscle mass

  • Increase/maintain bone density

  • Reduce body fat

  • Reduce fatigue and lethargy



  • Increased lower limb strength by 7%

  • Increased upper limb strength by 38%

  • Reduced waist circumference

  • Improved vitality and energy throughout the day


David's comment: 

I had a prostatectomy at age 71 in March 2013, which left me drained. Before making much of a recovery I started Lucrin (cancer treatment medication) the following month, resulting initially in some severe side effects and exhaustion particularly late in the day. I was unable to perform light physical tasks particularly involving standing, such as cooking. By the time I was starting to make some recovery, I commenced a course of 8 weeks of daily radiation in August by the end of which I had reverted to extreme tiredness by early evening and was going to bed early. I commenced the Man Plan Exercise Program at Beyond Studio shortly after completing the radiation. I found the first couple of weeks quite strenuous – it left me so exhausted that I was ready for bed as early as 8.30! After about four weeks the exhaustion began to moderate and there was a noticeable improvement in my wellbeing. After three months of twice weekly visit I was able to resume light tasks like cooking a meal without feeling drained. After about five months I felt that my general wellbeing and stamina was at least as good as prior to being diagnosed with prostate cancer. I can now carry out all physical tasks without feeling tired at night and my bedtime has reverted to what it had been before the operation. After being on Lucrin for over twelve months there are no longer any noticeable side effects. I have enjoyed the discipline of the twice weekly visits to the gym particularly as I cycle there and back!


What an honour to be Client of the Month, but worthwhile if the success I have achieved might serve as an example to Lucrin sufferers to persevere with the exercises


Brendan's Comment:                           

David is a great candidate for Client of the Month.  He has been very conscientious in establishing and maintaining his exercise program over the past 6 months, despite not feeling up to it at times.  He understands that exercise is a very powerful tool in cancer recovery and treatment, and due to his diligence, is really feeling the positive effects it is having on his body, countering the negative side effects of the cancer treatment.  In training twice per week under the Man Plan program, he has significantly improved his strength, stamina and energy levels, and is a great example to others.  Well done David!