Client of the Month - May 2014

Colin Griffin's Success Story


Training at Beyond:

Since May 2013



Luke Dorizas                                                  


Session Details: 

Periodic reviews to modify a local gym program, focus on strength training



  • Improve blood glucose control through regular exercise

  • Decrease weight and waist circumference

  • Improve general cardio capacity and strength



  • Reduction in insulin medication and blood glucose levels

  • Waist circumference decrease of 8cm

  • Weight loss of 8kg

  • Regaining function of a heart artery post heart attack

  • Improved strength and cardio endurance


What Colin says:

“I was directed to Luke around May 2013 by my Diabetic Specialist in order to draw up a personal program which I could put into operation in my local gym. The object of the exercise was to develop a program that would assist me with my diabetes which at the time required me to take 5 injections a day of fairly high doses of insulin. Apart from this I had suffered from a heart attack the previous year which required angioplasty with the likelihood of further ones to follow. Luke drew up the program for me including cardio and strengthening exercise. Fairly consistently I have managed 4x sessions each week and an occasional extra when time permits. I also took more control over my diet. Luke supervised me on regular visits with gradually longer periods in between sessions as he saw my improvements.


The overall outcomes have been very encouraging. As of February/March this year (2014) Luke and my two specialists have indicated they have been delighted with my improvements and do not require to see me for six months. The exercise program developed by Luke has been immensely helpful.”


Comment from Luke:

“Using evidence based studies on the important role of resistance training for Type II Diabetes I was able to develop a program for Colin which effectively lowered and now better controls his blood sugar levels. On top of this we had an added bonus of regaining artery function of a previously thought dead artery through increased aerobic activity – his cardiologist was very impressed!


Colin is an example of how despite having a chronic medical condition you can still safely complete a graded intensity weights program to improve your health. Colin is very dedicated and self-motivated in his program – two crucial points which have improved his health today. I look forward to continuing to work with Colin to further improve his lifestyle, well done Colin!”