Client of the Month - July 13

Colin Crane’s Success Story


Training at Beyond:                     

Since March 2012



Luke Dorizas


Session Details:

Exercise Physiology & Programming



  • Weight loss to below 100kg

  • Improved energy and health

  • Greater control of blood glucose levels.



  • Weight loss of 15kg in 4 months

  • Improved mobility and energy

  • Decrease in dosage of medications as health improves


Comment from Colin:

“I have been attending Beyond Exercise Studio for several months on the advice of Dr Leaf of Cammeray Medical Practice. When I started at the studio I was approximately 137 kilograms. As at July 19 my weight was approximately 122kgs. I am exercising every day to reduce my weight and improve my appearance and general health and keep my Type II Diabetes under control, together with medication. The exercises are simple to do and do not overtax my body. With thanks, Colin Crane.”


Comment from Luke:

“Seeing Colin’s improvements over the last few months have been very inspiring to say the least. When Colin first came in he knew it was crucial to make a big change in his lifestyle and has since stuck to a daily routine to start seeing results. His program is a simple and efficient progression he may follow at home and now improve on. I look forward to continuing to work with Colin and achieving our final goals!”