Client of the Month - April 2015

Christine Campbell's Success Story


Training at Beyond:

Since August 2014



Anna-Louise Moule


Session Details:

2 x 1hr sessions per week comprising of mix of core strengthening,resistance training, balance and aerobic conditioning.



  • To regain strength, stability and flexibility




  • Regaining confidence

  • Improving cardio capacity

  • Feeling more energetic

  • Improved upper and lower body strength

  • Improved balance and core stability


Comment from Christine:

I was referred to Anna by my local GP after I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.  I was anaemic and had lost quite a bit of my body muscle, weighing about 47kgs.  Prior to being diagnosed with this illness, I enjoyed cycling and long distance walking in particular; I suddenly found I couldn’t keep up with my friends and I seemed to have a consistent cough and slept a lot.  I just thought I was aging faster than they were!! I have been doing 1 hour sessions with Anna twice a week and I have complimented these workouts with group posture classes twice a week.   Anna has watched me go through the chemo treatment cycles, encountered my mood swings whilst on steroids and has responded with each session to enable me to cope.  Over the past 4 months since I seem to have regained a normal blood cell reading Anna has raised the bar and concentrated on improving my core strength and my sense of balance. Although today I describe my health status as being “between treatments”, I was able to continue with my work, albeit part time, with the support of my colleagues and a feeling of wellbeing as I improved my strength.  I am feeling strong, maintaining a healthy weight, sleeping well and am back on my bike.


For many years I have looked for coaching when I wanted to improve my skill, overcome a fear or change my outlook.  Anna has my respect and has helped me to regain my confidence.


Comment from Anna-Louise:

Using an individualised approach to training and evidence based research into the benefits of exercise during cancer treatment I have been working with Christine for the past 8 months. We take each session and week at a time and progress gradually. She has done an amazing job still exercising throughout her chemo treatment and improving her strength and endurance post treatment. Christine continues to be a pleasure to work with and understands the importance of regular exercise as part of keeping herself strong and fit to deal with her health complications."