Client of the Month - September 2012

Chris Brown's Success Story:


Training at Beyond:

Since August 2006



Andrew Verdon


Session Details:

Twice per week



  • Full use of my body without fear of injury or pain

  • Commit to an exercise program with “no short cuts

  • Go back to soccer competition within one year and play for his club each week for the season



  • Greatly improved body awareness

  • Next to no regular pain or injuries

  • Chris returned to play regular soccer and his team has made the finals for the last 3 seasons


Comment from Andrew:

“Chris is the Model client and a great example of what rewards that consistency and a long term outlook combined with a patient approach can bring. Chris completely allows me to set program and direction. Our first step was to minimise the frequency and intensity of the regular pain- so early on we did basic postural work and core/spine stability was the focus. This enabled us to get the foundation laid and he accepted he has to do the small “boring” stuff to progress as part of the big plan.”


“Chris has a demanding role as Group MD of an advertising agency and a young family of 3 kids with all fewer than 6 years! Despite these demands on his time he has never ever used these as an excuse!  In fact I cannot recall him ever making an excuse in 6 years! A great dedicated attitude and he is an easy going, great guy and pleasure to spend a couple of hours with a week”