Client of the Month - March 2015

Catherine G's Success Story


Training at Beyond:

Two months



Brendan Cummins


Session Details:       

* Core stability and targeted flexibility

* Cardio and global strengthening



  • Reduce incidence of lower back pain.

  • Manage left foot and right hip dysfunction following skating accident 10 years ago.

  • Improve body composition.

  • Improve cardiovascular and metabolic markers (eg. blood pressure, cholesterol). 



  • Significant reduction in lower back pain symptoms.

  • Increased tolerance to walking/weight-bearing tasks (able to walk for 60 minutes non-stop).

  • Achieving at least 5 days per week of some form of exercise.

  • Weight loss of 4kg and waist circumference reduction of 4cm. 


Comment from Catherine:

As with any challenge, it’s all about the mindset and having the right people guide you.  Brendan has been the right person at the right time.  He has helped and encouraged me in my approach to what is, essentially, a lifestyle change – no easy feat!  I have a long way to get to my ultimate goal and with Brendan’s continued support and patience (because quite frankly, I whine through every session J), it won’t be quite so daunting.  Thank you, Brendan!


Comment from Brendan:

In the past, Catherine has been hampered by her lower limb injuries and back pain in maintaining a regular exercise routine.  She would try and walk on a regular basis, amongst other activities, but invariably was restricted by pain symptoms and forced to rest.  She was referred to Beyond via a local physio for assistance.  From day one of commencing her program at Beyond, Catherine has really taken on the advice she’s been given with regards to managing her symptoms, and we were able to establish a weekly level of exercise that would impact positively on her health markers, whilst not causing an increase in symptoms.  She has been very dedicated, not only to her sessions here at the studio, but in being mindful of keeping up her daily energy expenditure, through maintaining adequate walking levels and following her home program.  The results are showing, and she’s reaping the rewards!