Carolyn Maloney's Success Story:


Training at Beyond:

With Andrew since 1999, at Beyond since opening in 2003



Andrew Verdon


Session Details:

Weekly PT session with Andrew at Beyond

Every week day 6am: 45 min walk

(Uses activity monitors/smart phone and free app “Map MY Fitness” and proudly forwards monthly results from system.)



  • For 2014 year: Jan to Nov


    DISTANCE:        693 kilometres walked


    DURATION:       140 hours walking (yes- 4.5 days in total accumulated!!)


    CALORIES:        39,927 burned walking


    WORKOUTS:     217   morning walks     


Comment from Carolyn:

“I credit my ongoing fitness to starting the focus with Andrew in my 30s. From then to now (49) my training sessions and consistent personal training in the morning with early walks has enabled me to maintain a consistent weight & strength into the years when it gets harder to maintain it. It’s a MUST for me not a ‘nice to do’. My mother (83) and sister also walk daily. It’s part of our DNA and I’m sure has a lot to do with the fact that all three of us have enjoyed good health with no major illnesses (touch wood). Thanks Andrew for being that angel on my shoulder keeping an eye on my fitness and being a great friend, listener and support over the many years we have trained together. We have accomplished a lot.”


Comment from Andrew:

I Could Fill Pages Of Praise For Carolyn!  Carolyn is just the epitome of the perfect and model client, it’s high time to acknowledge and reward that! These are just some of her strengths:

  • Committed

  • Smart and Open

  • Motivated Intrinsically

  • Health Wellbeing Quality Of Life Goals

  • Balances her Roles and Challenges; Mother, Wife, Work, Personal, Social, Family, Local Community


Carolyn is a fantastic support to me, the Studio and the team and we are close friends (husband Philip is also a regular client)


Carolyn’s challenges over 2014….

  • Arrival of adopted son

  • Settled into a brand new house

  • Dealt with a major knee injury


The usual things we hear and see…Too hard, No time, Painful, Too tired, Quick fix sought, No commitment.  Not here!!  Always Positive- and ready to train. Don’t recall her ever late for her own session- Whether 6am or 6pm!!  Small Consistent Contributions/Efforts Accumulate To a Large Result





Client of the Month - February 2015