Client of the Month - November 2013

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Cameron Tracey's Success Story

Training at Beyond: 9 months


Trainer: Kyle Cox


Sessions: 3-4 per week



  • Returning to the 'Adonis' of 10 years prior.



  • Lost 30kgs so far


What CAMERON says:

“About a year ago I decided to start thinking about me and not to have all my focus on my work life which I have done over the past 5 years. I came to a point where walking was difficult and I know I had to do something.  I met Kyle when I came to do a stretching class at work and from there we started a program and set a few goals. Very exhausting at first but got easier over the next few months.


I moved to the studio in March for training as I hate wet feet training on the grass in the mornings.I’m looking forward to the next set of challenges over the next few months.


Lastly a big thanks to Kyle as he has challenged me to improve my fitness and has put up with my whinging for a year now.”


Comment from KYLE:

"I met Cam just over 12months ago after giving a presentation at his work on the importance of functional mobility in a physical job. We got to talking and Cam decided he wasn't happy with his current situation and asked for some advice and sessions to get him on the right track.


1 year on and Cam is well on his way to setting himself up for life with all the necessary skills and strategies to achieve optimal health and fitness.


Cam travels 35km to get to Beyond at 6.30am 3-4 mornings per week. If this isn't enough to show his dedication, anyone who sees him during a session knows he always gives it his all."