Client of the Month - July 2015

Ann Garrett's Success Story


Training at Beyond:

With Kyle since mid 2013



Kyle Cox                                               


Session Details: 

Twice weekly sessions 



  • Weight loss

  • Increased strength and function

  • Improved Aerobic Capacity


Comment from Ann:

“I have been seeing Kyle for nearly 2 years and am much stronger, more flexible and fitter and importantly for me I am virtually pain free! I am 65 and my aim is to keep as fit as possible to enjoy my grandchildren and participate in their lives.  I have attended other gyms and had other trainers but I have never felt as safe as I do with Kyle. He has the knowledge and ability to read my body - and my mind at times. The environment also provides a friendly calmness in which to exercise. I am flattered to be client of the month and grateful to my daughter for referring me to Kyle."


Comment from Kyle:

“It's rare that you see someone as committed and consistent as Ann is to her exercise regimen. Despite her achievements in weight loss, improved strength and aerobic capacity, part of Ann's motivation to exercise is as simple as "knowing she should" - a motive which is nowhere near strong enough for the other 99% of people.


Throughout our twice weekly sessions, Ann never hesitates to put the utmost effort and attention into every exercise I prescribe her. It's always a pleasure to work with her, but the improvements she's made in the face of adversity and a never ending busy schedule make it much more gratifying for me professionally and personally. I'm looking forward to helping Ann continue her upward trend of health and fitness in the coming years!”