Client of the Month - November 2012

Andre Blom’s Success Story


Training at Beyond:

Since June 2012



Luke Dorizas


Session Details:

Personal Training



  • Controlled insulin levels

  • Improved overall strength and vitality

  • Weight loss



  • Weight loss of 13kg over 5 months

  • Waist circumference decrease of 20cm

  • Improved overall strength and energy during day


Comment from Andre:

“Everyone needs a coach. Luke is part of a great team (Dr Rodney Lopez and Elena Oswald) who have helped me loose significant amount of weight and improved my level of fitness over the last six months. I am delighted with the results - still have a little more to do. I really believe that this would not have been possible without the help of this team. Luke has an excellent understanding of the physical condition and how to improve it safely. He just seems to know how far to push me on each and every visit. Thanks Luke - I look forward to the ongoing sessions.”


Comment from Luke:

When Andre first arrived he was at a stage ready to make a change in his lifestyle after some advice from his local GP. After our initial assessment we identified a series of goals to work towards and set about developing a safe resistance based program he could complete efficiently himself and also once a week with myself. One of the barriers initially was knee arthritis which we have been able to overcome with correct technique and conditioning. With his diet in check thanks to Elena, it was then my role to fine tune his exercise program. Andre will always put in 100% each session as well as outside of our sessions, something which I cannot teach. So far we have both been very happy with his results and I look forward to many more to come.  Well done Andre!