Aaron Moon's Success Story


Training at Beyond:

9 months - since April 2015



Andrew Verdon                                    


Session Details: 

Trains weekly with Andrew



Aaron got referred to me directly by Tony Boutagy, my original colleague, when Beyond opened in 2003.  Aaron was after an experienced mature fitness coach to assist him to get fit for his 40th birthday (and way beyond!)

He was keen to put some variety, structure and new thinking into his current exercise regime. As a previous PT himself, he has a good base and an advanced knowledge of exercise, which is a rare situation to work with such a background and detailed understanding.



  • Lost 6kgs so far!

  • Lost 7cm off waist circumference!!

  • Fitter/Stronger/Less Niggles and improved movement/mobility



Comment from Andrew:

“A client of the month after only 9 months?? Normally it is closer to 9 years before this award is even considered….. LOL. But this is a worthy winner – with some great physical results so far in our work together, BUT this award is more so to recognise the progress and noticeable change in approach, outlook, attitude that have taken place… much harder to adjust and change than any physical traits I believe.  Aaron is great to program for – there needs to be variety, challenges, evidence and progressions in every part of the program. I love programming at this level for PT clients – we have introduced some wearable tech via a Garmin band, which is delivering valuable info to guide our thinking. Aaron gave me a complete blank canvas to work with, programming wise, and I am enjoying the challenge ”





Client of the Month - December 2015