Fit and Falls - Free

with Brendan Cummins (Wednesday)

B.ExSc&Rehab (Hons) Certificate IV Fitness, Master Trainer, AEP ESSAM, Member of the Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association (ALMA)

The Fit and Falls-Free program is designed to assist participants maintain a good level of function and independence throughout their later years. 


The class is not limited to a specific age group or fitness level; however most participants are 70-85 years of age, male and female, and of fair function.  


As the name suggests, the focus of the class is improving balance and reducing the risk of falls, however there is also a strong element of improving strength and flexibility in order to help in daily physical capacity, general health and well-being.


The Fit and Falls-Free classes are held every Wednesday at 1pm (1 hour).

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