Client of the Month :: June 2018

Marianne Nestor

Trained by: Melanie Katzos

​​Comment from Marianne:    

I’m Marianne. I will be 69 soon and 70 next year. I am a ‘senior’, certainly one of the oldest at Beyond Exercise. I have never exercised before, but I am resolved to try to be as fit as a 60 year old when I turn 70. That is my goal. But I didn’t have a clue what the average 60 or 70 year old could/ should be able to do and Mel has calculated short term and long term goals for me to help me reach my goal.


I have a number of health issues which can limit what I can do but Mel assists me to work around them. Mel (and Brendan) has encouraged me for the past 6 months. I can’t say I love exercise yet but Mel explains the purpose of each exercise and that knowledge inspires me to hang in there. Thank you Mel.


​​Comment from Melanie:             

Marianne has been one of my most consistent clients over the past 8 months! After starting an exercise program for the first time, she has committed to weekly sessions in the studio and at home. She has travelled overseas throughout the year however still manages to keep up with her exercise as well. She has made great improvements in her strength and confidence while performing the exercises. 

Marianne is always surprising herself with what she can achieve and the weight she can lift. With that growth in her confidence, Marianne recently committed to new goals, in efforts to become healthier, stronger and more flexible at 70 years old than she was at 60 years old.

Amazing achievements. Well done Marianne!