Client of the Month :: March 2018

Mark Chater

Trained by: Andrew Verdon


​​Comment from Andrew:             

Mark has been training with me for 10 years now with regular programs and reviews along the way. He came to us with no background in exercise fitness or training but is now a consistent exerciser – training several times per week at the gym.


Mark has faced and overcome various accidents, injuries and issues in the last decade but always has a positive approach and mindset grown and developed. Hand in hand in with his fitness improvements in attitude, enjoyment, posture strength and injury prevention.


Mark has taken ownership - but utilities his support network – valuing their input and expertise. An excellent example of this has been his focus and diligence on his management plan for a knee injury. He has successfully avoided surgery and is returning to normal activities. Mark has also completed his Certificate 4 in Fitness at TAFE after successfully attaining a Cert 3 in Fitness in 2016.


As a trainer I thoroughly enjoy his company and look forward to his visits. It has been a complete pleasure to support and guide him on his journey over the last decade! This acknowledgment is well deserved. Well done Mark!

Comment from Mark:

"I have been with Andrew since his original studio and must be more than 14 years? Happy to get this and Andrew has always been supportive of me and always gives me encouragement at all times. He is also very straight to the point which I like. Great trainer."