Client of the Month :: April 2018

Ana Tjhia

Trained by: Luke Dorizas


​​Comment from Luke:             

When Ana first came to see me, she was in quite a physical job which was having an affect on her lower back. In need of greater strength, we worked on a program improving core stability and lifting strength with a big focus on technique and recruiting the ‘correct’ muscles.


Ana is of the most diligent had committed clients I have trained, she worked at her program consistently each week and sure enough has eliminated her lower back pain from work. Even better however, she has progressed in her training to a more advanced stage – training 3x a week at her local gym and lifting some serious weights very easily! 

I really admire Ana for her consistency and hard work which has ultimately led to her great results, well done Ana!

Comment from Ana:

"I have enjoyed my time with Luke as he is very good at what he does and very patient with me. I went to see him first due to the fact that I am in a very physical job and didn’t want any injuries, he has encouraged me in such a way as feel my strength and flexibility has helped me in my job."