Client of the Month :: July 2018

Darcy Penman

Trained by: Dave Costello

​​Comment from Darcy:    

I have only had Dave as a strength and conditioning coach for a relatively short period of time and within that time I have learnt a lot about the functions of the human body as well as how I can maximise athletic performance through strength training. My goal as an athlete has always been to be the best athlete I can be, this ambition has led to my time with Dave becoming stronger in a hope to become a faster runner as well as decreasing my chance of injury. 


Some of the best middle distance runners in the country train under Dave’s wing due to his professional and conscious approach towards programs as well as his genuine care about every athlete’s individual requirements, goals and success. I look forward in continuing to work with Dave and expect at least a free month for this commendation! Nonetheless sincerely thank you Dave.


​​Comment from Dave:             

Darcy is a young middle distance runner who has been training with me for the past 18 months. He has a 3k PB of 8:54 and is one of the best high school runners in the state. He is one of the most committed and driven young people I have worked with and this is telling in his results on the track, in the gym and in the classroom. 

Despite numerous injury set backs Darcy has remained motivated and incredibly consistent with his training. In fact, what has impressed me most about Darcy is the mature approach he applies to everything in his life. Despite only weighing in at around 60kgs, Darcy is now able to lift 1.5 times his body weight on deadlifts (100kgs) and 1.25 x body weight on squats (71kg). More importantly he is faster on the track and a more powerful athlete overall, which is the reason he came to me in the first place. 

The toughest thing about training this young bloke is holding him back. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you Darcy.