Client of the Month :: October 2018

Maree Drury

Trained by: Andrew Verdon

​​Comment from Andrew:             

Maree came to me to help her prepare for a bucket list trip to trek and make the challenging ascent to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Challenging due to the length of the trek and the vertical metres ascended along with extreme conditions and also the altitude in the Himalayas.

Maree was extremely driven and disciplined in her preparation- incorporating regular physio check ins, weekly pilates, strength sessions as well as weekly challenging treks and walks around the rugged National Parks of Sydney’s North. And stairs. Lots of stairs!!


Maree is one of the most diligent, conscientious and dedicated individuals I have had the pleasure to work with, including all my Olympians and world class elite athletes. Her approach preparation and attitude was flawless. 


Just weeks before she was due to fly to Kathmandu, whilst cleaning at home Maree slipped and fell onto a tiled surface in a seemingly everyday accident. This resulted in a broken patella, surgery and being incapacitated for a lengthy period with the patella wired and pinned.  Her dream trip vanished in an instant!


The recovery was a lengthy 12 months of rehab before a second surgery this year to remove the pins and wires wit a successful full heal to the patella. Maree was outstanding through this process. With the same dedication and approach she is now back to regular walking and gym sessions.  And she  completed a tour and visit to Cambodia and Vietnam this year exploring Angkor Watt amongst other attractions.


It is my absolute pleasure to work with Maree. She is one of the most fulfilling people to able to support and guide. She places total trust into my programming and is always open honest and we have built a great rapport through the ups and downs on this journey over two years. I look forward to continuing on!


Well done Maree!

# I would also like to acknowledge Joel Werman of the Oval Physiotherapy in this process. He has been a vital piece in the support network for both of us!