Client of the Month :: December 2018

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Mei Toh

Trained by: Luke Dorizas

​​Trainers Comments:            

Mei was first referred to us through her GP in March 2018. She had been having trouble in the starting a new exercise program with ongoing knee and elbow pain and was looking for guidance on how to commence safely again. We started on a specific knee strengthening program, gradually increasing intensity over the next few months. Mei is to be commended for her consistency, committing and sticking to her weekly cardio and strength goals, as well as managing her knee pain more effectively. The results gradually came and in our last measurements she had reduced her weight by 10kg and waist by 6cm. She is now exercising regularly with little pain and her strength has increased substantially across core, lower and upper body – awesome work Mei!

​​Clients Comments:            

"Being a busy working mum, I haven’t been prioritising my own well-being, so my goal this year was to improve my overall health and fitness, as well as to address a niggling issue of a sore knee. I’ve been training with Luke for the last 6 months and have enjoyed all my sessions (though I don’t look it!) with each session building from the last and improving my technique & strength along the way. Luke’s been a great motivator in helping me achieve my goals - I feel so much better, more flexible and stronger plus my knee’s almost pain free now!"