Bone Building

with Luke Dorizas (Monday and Thursday)

B. Sci (Health and Exercise), AEP ESSAM, Accredited Exercise Physiologist 


with Kyle Cox (Tuesday and Friday)

B. App Sci (Sp and Ex Sci), Dip. Fitness, AEP ESSAM, Exercise Prescription for

Chronic and Complex Conditions

Our Bone Building class is based on evidence based research which shows the positive effect regular strength training can have at improving bone density. Each individual has their own personal strength program which is monitored and progresses accordingly.


Who is it suitable for?

  • Those with reduced bone density (osteopenia) or diagnosed osteoporosis

  • Individuals with a pre-existing injury or medical condition, requiring a more individualised strength program


All individuals wishing to join the class will need to undertake an initial assessment which involves previous injury history, postural assessment, goal setting and introduction to strength training principles

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